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Welcome to our website! This site is a repository for sharing a bunch of stuff ranging from engineering references and tools to recipes to photos to information about distraction osteogenesis. We had been using Dropbox or Facebook for this purpose, but found Dropbox to be somewhat difficult for some people, and if you are not a Dropbox subscriber, you are limited to how much stuff you can have in your Dropbox. Facebook is fine for sharing photos, but not so much for other types of documents. This website takes care of these problems. 

The links at the top right corner of the page will take you to pages containing the topics listed. Under ENGINEERING you will find a number of articles, tools, and links that Carl has found to be useful. Under MUSIC, you will find links to  some of Carl’s piano arrangments and recordings. Under the FOOD link, you will find recipes that you may have had at one of our dinner parties or sailing expeditions. Under ORTHOPEDICS, you will find information about my experience with distraction osteogenesis. (When I first started this process, I was surprised how little there was on the web about other patient’s experiences. Hopefully people going through this process can benefit from my experience via this website/blog.) 

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